Monday, August 25, 2014

Martha, a Wooden Doll Reproduction of the William & Mary Era, 1689-1702 .....SOLD

Martha, my new Queen Anne Wooden Doll Reproduction.
 If you are interested to buy this doll, please email me
 at     .......SOLD
 Martha's clothing are quite lovely! All of her clothing are made from antique
fabrics. These are all removable. She comes with her quilted petticoat, quilted padded bustle,  nightgown,  beautiful lace apron. Her bonnet features lovely embroidered  tiny roses, in a off-white shade. Her slippers are made with a gorgeous 18th c. silk.


Her gown is made of a beautiful 19th c. block printed cotton. I love the  combinations of the red brick, cream and pale green colors.

Martha is wearing a beautiful steel-boned corset made of embroidered silk and metallic threads, France, c. 1780

Her antique wool stockings will keep her tiny feet warm and cozy all winter long!