Friday, January 2, 2015


                 ~ THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 2014 ~

         I wish you a great, healthy, promising New Year  2015 !!


Friday, December 26, 2014

"Faith" 18" Queen Anne Wooden Doll Reproduction....SOLD

Any questions or comments about this doll, please email me at

I do offer up to a 2 month layaway plan for all of my dolls
All of her clothing is made from antique textiles.

Embroidered cotton petticoat. Linen chemise with 3/4-length sleeves
and underarm gussets.
The quilted bustle pad is made of a 19th C. resist dyed textile.
It creates a beautiful drape. The fullness of the skirt is all at the back.
Faith is carrying some of her small possessions in her cloth pocket,
 made of a 19th century brocade textile (England, Ca.1840)
Her apron and bonnet are made from a exquisite 19th C. English hand
 embroidered net lace.

Faith is wearing a beautiful two-piece gown. It is a 19th C. French linen and cotton, wonderful timeworn textile with Indienne pattern.
Faith is wearing antique cotton stockings and garters, in a lovely ruby color. These contrast nicely with all of her clothing. Her shoes are made from the English paisley textile I used to make the corset. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Before my little one eats them all, I want to share with you this photo with the cookies that we made early this morning......she decorated them so nicely.....later I realized there were many gingerbread men cookies without
the frosting.........I wonder why?
I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season filled with beautiful moments and cherished memories. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Grace 16" Queen Anne Wooden Doll........SOLD

 Any questions or comments about this doll, please email me at

I do offer up to a 2 month layaway plan for all of my dolls

 All of her clothing are made from antique fabrics. These are all removable.
She comes with her cotton petticoat, chemise, quilted bustle pad, corset, beautiful embroidered net-lace apron and bonnet, cloth pocket, skirt, jacket, stockings, garters, brocade shoes........and earrings! Please scroll down to see more photos of Grace.

 Beautiful 19th century French wood block printed fabric.
 The colors and floral pattern are beautiful.

Hand-carved from linden wood, Grace has a one-piece carved wooden head and torso, fully jointed. She has finely carved hands.

Grace is wearing a corset made from a fragment of an early 19th century English brocade textile. It is a wonderful and rare textile.

 Her caraco/jacket: silk, ca. 1840, three-quarter sleeves, fitted to the waist.

The textile  I used for making her cloth pocket is
 wood block printed quilted cotton, 1850 c.

She has pierced ears and she is wearing tiny lovely earrings.
You would enjoy making a new pair of  earrings for her!
This doll has a wonderful black painting with a soft, matte finish. She is much more nicer in person. ( A few weeks ago I had  a hard time taking photos of a previous Black Queen Anne Doll that is already sold, but THANKS to a lovely lady that told me about the tips and tricks of photographing a black doll,
it  helped me to capture nicely the image of her face,  without the brightness caused by my camera *)

Her shoes are made of a 19th c French brocade fabric.
They have leather soles and a cotton lining.
She is wearing Edwardian wool stockings and silk garters.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Aurora, 16" Queen Anne Wooden Doll.....SOLD


Aurora, a sweet young lady, is my representation of an
18th c. English Wooden Doll. 
If you are interested to buy this doll, please email me at

Her beautiful cape, made just for Aurora and it will be treasured!.
I really enjoy making her cape,  the embroidery is lovely, I love the embroidered carnations on  this exquisite antique 19th century Victorian Silk Textile.

  Aurora is wearing a beautiful corset made of a
 fragment of 18th century Spitalfields silk brocade.  One of the rare, exceptional survivors of the early textiles that outlived the eighteenth century.
 The colors are gorgeous.