Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pauline, 16" Queen Anne Doll Reproduction....SOLD

 I just posted many pictures of "Pauline", a 16" Wooden Queen Anne Doll Reproduction.  If you are interested to buy this doll,
please email me at soniakrausedolls@gmail.com .......SOLD
 This gorgeous velvet pocket (dating from around  the 1880's) make  
                  a beautiful contrast with the outstanding colors of the gown. It has a delightful silver metallic embroidery.

Pauline's lovely gown, seen from behind.

Among Pauline's clothing are her antique net lace petticoat and matching bonnet. The skirt is absolutely stunning, a royal blue silk with flower pattern.

 STOMACHER: It is made of a beautiful example of 18th century silk embroidered textile fragment, it may have been part of a dress or apron panel. It is worn, lots of the silk threads are gone, it is delightfully faded with all the elegant patina.... time bestows to beauty.

Her slippers are made of the same textile of her pocket.
 Leather soles, polished cotton lining. They are accented with a fabulous antique French rosette trim.

 The two-piece gown is beautiful. It is made of an early 19th century French Linen Block Print Indienne, with shades of pinks, reds, bluish on a tan background.  Just lovely!

Finely hand-carved from lime wood. Pauline has a one-piece carved wooden head and torso, fully jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. She has a wonderful patina.