Friday, November 14, 2014

Aurora, 16" Queen Anne Wooden Doll.....AVAILABLE


Aurora, a sweet young lady, is my representation of an
18th c. English Wooden Doll. 
If you are interested to buy this doll, please email me at

Her beautiful cape, made just for Aurora and it will be treasured!.
I really enjoy making her cape,  the embroidery is lovely, I love the embroidered carnations on  this exquisite antique 19th century Victorian Silk Textile.

  Aurora is wearing a beautiful corset made of a
 fragment of 18th century Spitalfields silk brocade.  One of the rare, exceptional survivors of the early textiles that outlived the eighteenth century.
 The colors are gorgeous. 

Her quilted bustle pad create a beautiful drape. The fullness of the skirt is all at the back....lovely!

This  late18th century textile that I used for making her cloth pocket is fine linen embroidered with silk threads.( ca. 1780- 1820, Hertfordshire, UK)
 All of her clothing are made from antique fabrics.
These are all removable. Here she is with her cotton petticoat, quilted padded bustle, chemise and beautifully embroidered net-lace bonnet
 in a off-white shade.

Here's a close-up photo of her 19th century hand embroidered quilted petticoat. This exquisite silk has a greenish taupe shade with a lovely quilting pattern of grapes and leaves.

She is wearing her antique silk stockings in a lovely golden color and contrast beautifully with the color of her shoes.
Her shoes are made from the same quilted silk
 that I used to make her skirt. These have leather soles and a cotton lining, decorative silver buckle accents  and silk taffeta ribbon......adorable, true to size!  
I always try to make my doll's shoes with some of the early textiles I use for her clothing, these little details are very important for me, I think it makes the doll itself, her entire outfit and accessories unique and more beautiful.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Griselda 16" Queen Anne Wooden Doll........SOLD

I have just finished this beautiful young Lady and she is AVAILABLE.
Any questions or comments about this doll, please email me at