Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Prudence" 16" Wooden Queen Anne Doll Reproduction.......SOLD

Prudence, a sweet young lady, is my representation of an 18th c. English Wooden Doll.  All of her clothing are made from antique fabrics, all removable.
If you are interested to buy this doll, please email me
 at  ....SOLD

Rare and beautiful example of 18th century French textile. It dates from around 1760. The gorgeous floral pattern was block printed onto the fabric. The colors are stunning!   

 Eighteen century style corset/stay with center front lacing. It is made out of a vintage green brocade textile in a lovely green color. Her  antique quilted hip pads will help Prudence's lovely skirt hang and drape gracefully.

Prudence is carrying  some of her small possessions in her pocket,  made out of an 19th century cloth.
Her caraco/jacket: silk, ca. 1840, three-quarter sleeves, fitted to the waist,
 it opens in front. The  colors of her clothes are splendid!
One of the things that I enjoy the most in my doll-making is dressing them up!
 I love to make contrast between the solid colors and the printed this 18th c. block printed quilted skirt that goes in perfect harmony with her lovely jacket.
And here they are!...her teeny tiny shoes made out of the beautiful green
brocade fabric that I used to make her corset. Leather soles, cotton lining
 and decorative antique silver buttons.
She is wearing antique silky stockings and garters, in a lovely pumpkin color!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


     "Prudence" my new Queen Anne Wooden Doll Reproduction. I am working on her teeny tiny shoes for her teeny tiny feet.....LOTS of work  but I am feeling so pleased with her. She will be available soon! Any questions or comments about this doll, please email me at .......SOLD   

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Martha and her lovely sisters!

Tonight I am posting pictures of Martha in her new home. She is happy to see again her sisters Alexandra & Pauline. Thank you so much CC for your kindness  and for sharing these lovely pictures of your dolls with us!